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Boyd Wellness

Good health is your birthright & your most important asset. In this age of BPAs in our food containers, phosphates on our lawn, and VOCs in our house paint it's a daily challenge to maintain that health. In addition to choosing the right foods and lifestyle, it has become necessary to be an expert consumer of medical information. The healthcare system and insurance reimbursements are contracting while America falls woefully behind in the worldwide ranking of healthiest nations. 

As a licensed Physician Assistant, Jennifer Boyd-Mullineaux, Founder of Boyd Wellness is changing the paradigm. At Boyd Wellness the emphasis is on optimal wellness through ancient wisdom and cutting edge technology. Jennifer has invested countless hours researching and learning directly from wellness visionaries, the best, most effective wellness strategies to improve health and allow the body to repair itself.

Healing information is there in abundance, but the key is in obtaining it, deciphering it, and applying it for your optimal outcome. Boyd Wellness provides that expertise in a compassionate, healing environment.


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